Welcome to the Coloane documentation and support pages! For information on using Coloane, see the categories to the right or search the documentation directly. If you want to contribute to these pages, please contact us.

What is Coloane?

Coloane is a free Eclipse-based editor dedicated to system modeling using different formalisms such as  Petri Nets. With Coloane, you can design your models and connect them to the  FrameKit platform. This platform provides you with an extensive set of tools you can use to verify properties on your models (i.e. "Does my model have a deadlock?")

Some screenshots are available here.

Using Coloane

Coloane is very simple to use and doesn't require any complex installation. It is distributed either as an Eclipse plugin or as a standalone application. The overall installation procedure will take less than 5 minutes ! To install and use Coloane as an Eclipse plugin, you must use the plugin installer following these instructions. If you prefer the standalone application (without installing any Eclipse application on your computer), please follow these instructions (not yet available).

Keep in mind that:

  • Coloane doesn't require any privileged accesses on the computer.
  • Coloane is portable across several platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS)

Please read the "requirements" page before installing this software.

User Manual

The user guide is available here.

Incubation Features

How-To Guides

To help you, several guides are available. To get a list of them, please read our How-To pages.

Bug reports & Features requests

If you find a bug or want to propose an enhancement or a new feature for Coloane, you may contact the development team and explain your proposal.
Otherwise, you can file a bug report. The procedure is thoroughly detailed on the bug report page. Please follow those instructions very carefully !
A special page is available to group all these requests (defects, enhancements or features).

Dev Information

Finding and reporting bugs is a way to contribute to the development of Coloane. But if you have more skills in programming, you can fully take part in development. Coloane is developed under the  EPL open source license by the  LIP6/MoVe Team. All its developers and contributors are volunteers. By the way, the Coloane team is always looking for new additions and resources.

If you would like to contribute to Coloane's development, please browse the dedicated pages.